Best Completely Free Reverse Lookup with Name

When you get calls from an unknown number on a regular basis, you may become inquisitive as to who the caller is and why he is contacting you. In another scenario, suppose you’re going to see old pals but can’t recall some of their names since you haven’t spoken to them in a long time.

In the past, if someone wanted to hunt down a person or a phone number, they had to contact the local police and go through a lengthy procedure. Those days are long gone, and you may now utilise the free phone number search services listed in this article, the first three of which are:

  • TruePeopleSearch : The Scammer Behind the Unknown Call Must Be Revealed
  • PeopleFinders: With Ease, Get Accurate Criminal Records of Anyone
  • NumLooker: Give the caller’s full name, address, and phone number.


There are several free reverse phone number search services available, but TruePeopleSearch is the only one that is fully free and offers accurate results. This service will present you with a detailed report about a person’s background whenever you attempt to access information utilising it. As a result, you may use TruePeopleSearch to look up someone’s name.

TruePeopleSearch does not need users to create an account before using the service. You may use the software for background checks without any restrictions. TruePeopleSearch, being the top free reverse phone lookup service, provides the fastest results for any search you do.

Even if all you have is the person’s phone number or residence address, this free cell phone number search with a name might be useful. TruePeopleSearch, unlike other services, provides all relevant information based on the search. It gathers data from public documents, social media, and other sources.


In today’s corporate sector, PeopleFinders is the most well-known people search database. It is the greatest free reverse phone lookup service, with over 6000 data sources to offer people seeking for precise information.

Many individuals are interested in learning more about a person, such as their name, home location, or other facts. PeopleFinders can assist you find out everything you want to know about a person by offering their whole history. This free reverse phone search service with name may also give you with online data, such as data add or API.

PeopleFinders gives the most accurate information in the shortest amount of time. The UI of PeopleFinders also allows you to narrow down your search. If there are a lot of results on the screen and you want to filter down the search based on your requirements, you may use this option.


“Is there a free method to search a phone number?” should be the last question on your mind. NumLooker is a completely free reverse phone search tool that allows you to find up someone’s name or other details. This search service seems to be the finest option since it can give you with all of an unknown or known person’s activity.

The person’s entire name, family members, criminal history, and other educational records are all included in the report. NumLooker allows you to do a completely private search. This service provides the quickest search results as well as an easy-to-use interface. It will alert you to new website changes and provide you the ability to utilise advanced filtering options.

You may also use NumLooker to solve a variety of challenges, such as determining a person’s true identity to secure your safety. Users may get crucial information without spending any money. NumLooker allows you to look through phone numbers without having to join up for the service.


You always come up with TruthFinder while doing a background check on someone to locate his name or other details. It’s one of the reverse phone number search apps with publicly accessible data. TruthFinder’s website may be viewed from a variety of places since it has public documents that make its database huge.

TruthFinder is a useful tool that includes a self-monitoring option. According to this function, TruthFinder may do a self-search in the shortest amount of time depending on the information you’ve supplied.

Due to court data sources, TruthFinder has a person’s easily accessible criminal or other history, unlike other free phone number search services. A report containing thorough and helpful information on a person is a user’s search result. Due to its large database, it may sometimes display obsolete information.

Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is the most effective free reverse phone search service for obtaining a person’s name and other pertinent information. Instant Checkmate will undoubtedly present you with a thorough and complete report on each search that will assist you in finding the information you want on a person.

The whole name, employment history, all residences or email addresses, educational background, criminal history, and so on are all included in the report. It’s up to you to decide what type of information you want to get out of the report that’s been presented. Instant Checkmate just needs to supply you with a detailed and comprehensive report.

Instant Checkmate’s customer service distinguishes it from other entirely free reverse phone lookups with name services. It is also well-known for being compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Instant Checkmate is one of the top free phone number search services because of these features.

Spy Dialer

Spy Dialer is a completely free reverse phone search service that gathers billions of phone numbers from all around the world, including VOIP, mobile phones, and landlines. This site leverages publicly available information to give users with photographs and names of people they are searching for. Spy Dialer is the newest and most effective free reverse phone search tool accessible on the internet.

To present you with the proper information, our website conducts searches using email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and landlines. Users will find Spy Dialer to be much superior than Google phone number search, mobile phone trackers, and caller ID.


Spokeo is a free phone number search service that enables you to learn more about a person. Simply search for a person using their phone number, name, email address, or even their home address. You’ll learn more about your family, old friends, and acquaintances this way.

Spokeo has billions of records, including 130 million property records, 120+ billion social network data, 600 million court documents, 89 billion company records, and 6 billion consumer records, among others. As a result, Spokeo will search for every search you make instantaneously. It also changes its data as needed to improve search results.


CocoFinder is a persons and public information search engine that provides free reverse phone lookups and name services. It’s recognised for being the most attractive search engine that returns the fastest results concerning someone’s information. You can simply seek for someone using their phone numbers, email addresses, or even their home locations using this service.

It’s a well-known free reverse phone number search service that has a high level of accuracy when it comes to the information a user is looking for. The resulting data contains a wealth of detailed information. Above all, it offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to use and comprehend for all users.


RealPeopleSearch is the most in-demand free phone number search service for revealing a person’s positive or negative past. Not everyone wants to view the detailed report with all of a person’s information. For such folks, RealPeopleSearch is the ideal option since it gives common information in a report that is simple to understand across all searches.

You may use RealPeopleSearch to hunt for new friends, track down someone from the past, investigate your personal information, verify internet dates, learn about your neighbours, and so on. It outlines simple methods that anybody may follow to locate a person.


FastPeopleSearch is the quickest reverse phone number search programme, providing you with detailed background information based on a single piece of information you submit. You may use this service to locate long-lost acquaintances, find out who is phoning you, check up an address, and, most importantly, learn about people’s history.

FastPeopleSearch offers the quickest search results as well as a comprehensive report in exchange for your search. This website’s information comes from public profiles, public documents, and other third-party sources. In terms of search results, FastPeopleSearch provided 100 percent absoluteness and precision.


All of a person’s personal or professional data may be found with a single piece of information. SearchPeopleFree is a free phone number lookup tool that allows you to look for people by name or phone number. It contains even the tiniest details such as traffic tickets, sex offender information, vital records, arrest records, relatives, and other basic information such as name, age, and so on.

When you need to look up an old friend’s name, learn about your neighbours, verify the histories of vendors, or discover about an unexpected caller, SearchPeopleFree comes in handy. That’s how you may use SearchPeopleFree’s services to find out all there is to know about a person. Without signing in, you may access information anonymously on the site.


A free phone number search service, such as USPhoneBook, enables you to learn all there is to know about the owner of a phone number. All you have to do is enter your phone number in the necessary section and you will get the information you want. USPhoneBook scans billions of records for each search and displays the number’s location and other characteristics.

USPhoneBook is a free service that continuously refreshes its database to provide consumers the most accurate search results. For searching, this service accepts any home, commercial, mobile phone, and landline phone numbers.


We can filter down the search results to identify individuals fast if we have a lot of information about them. Whitepages is a completely free reverse phone lookup service that offers far more information than similar services. Search statistics, scam/fraud ratings, lien records, maiden names, carrier information, and so on are all included in the common data.

Your Whitepages searches will be visible to the public. You may also use Whitepages to hunt for similar phone numbers by using the area code lookup and reverse area code functions. For improved search results, it has a database of over 260 million phone numbers.

The Final Line

In this post, we respond to a popular user’s question, “Is there a free method to find a phone number?” We’ve listed the top 15 free phone number search services to assist you in locating personal information. To locate the whole background, all you have to do is utilise a piece of information such as a name, phone number, or address.

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